You stand so strong 
so near your darling son
near, while he hangs 
nailed to the hard tree

You stood strong 
on that day when the Spirit of God
enfolded you 
with his lovingness
so filled with life 
that you

You stood strong, 
praising the Father to your cousin, Elizabeth
travelling to be with understanding, 
to stand by an older woman
pregnant after so much bitter heartache. 

You stood strong 
when the innkeeper 
turned you from the door, 
already in labour
far from home, 
the loving hands of your mother
the gentleness of a neighbour
protected by Joseph, 
and the quiet knowing eyes of the beasts, 
soft in the stable. 

You stood strong 
leaving your home 
laying your household on the donkey 
off to Egypt, away from slaughter

You stand strong 
under the cross
you keep watch with your Son
to the very last. Straight as a sword, 
love like iron in your bone, 
grief like a blow
solid in your heart

O my Mother
Stand well 
in our love.


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