five for sorrow, five for joy..
five for the glory of the three in one.
Tucked in the corner of the church, sometimes shabby, often bereft of ornament, frequently a cosy little area where the clergy say their morning and evening prayers, is the Lady Chapel. A place dedicated to a woman who was profoundly obedient, profoundly revolutionary. Somewhere in my head I hear her relatives asking "What made you think you were hearing God ?""What makes you think that you know better than centuries of tradition?" "What makes you go against the considered wisdom of the world wide tradition of our faith?"

Obedience. Obedience to the still small voice of God within her. When people called her blessed for having given him birth, her son said, "Blessed are those who hear the word of God and do it" - that, to him was of more significance than anything else. "Who is my mother? "Who hears the word of God and does it"." 

She was his first tabernacle. The living vessel of the Holy Spirit. To us she calls. Let us, like her, make of ourselves a living vessel of the Holy Spirit. She was asked to give Birth to the Son of God. We are asked to become his flesh and blood. 

It is in being 'God Bearers' that we become the leaven which transforms the world. It is being, like her, obedient to the still small voice of God, through the Words of the Bible, the Wisdom of the World Wide Church, the traditions of the faith certainly. But still more, by making ourselves a vessel for those gifts, by living them in our daily lives, and by the prayer

Behold, my soul, the handmaiden of the Lord, 
Be it done unto me, 
according to thy word.

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